European Machine Cut Cubic Zirconia

In the year 2008 we introduce our trade mark product Swiss Star to the industry, which is a top quality Swiss machine Cut round stone that shows a star effect in it.  It is produced by fully automated European machinery and all of the stones are tested to high quality standards of SWISS STAR® brilliance, perfection of cutting and sharp dispersion of light and fire. Apart from round shape Swiss Star products can also produce in different shapes like Oval, Pear, Square, Marquise, Heart and many Fancy Shapes. Our Swiss Star products are now highly successful and recognize product in global market.

Swiss Star®


  • Swiss Machine Cut
  • Heart and Arrow Cut 100%
  • Suitable for Wax Casting
  • Size available from 0.70mm – 15.00mm
  • American Rough Material
  • Size Tolerance of +/- 0.010mm only

Swiss Star® White

Swiss Star® Diamond Color

Swiss Star® Canary

Swiss Star® Light Pink

Swiss Star® Diamond Color

Swiss Star® 10 Hearts & 10 Arrows

Swiss Star® 8 Hearts & 8 Arrows